Your Guide to Finding the One You're Meant to Be With 

Many people in today's world have all but given up on finding "the one." They've settled on trying to be happy with "the one for now" or "the one until a better one comes along." Finding the One: The Lovers Guide for True Romance is a book that can hopefully change your bleak views on romance and give you renewed hope that true romance really does exist and is waiting for you.

Chapter 1 begins us on our journey through discovering the nature of romance by comparing the married life to the single life. The Bible makes it clear that both are equally valid options for human beings. Being single even has some advantages when it comes to serving God. Most people, however, do have a natural urge to find a spouse that can be their loyal and loving partner through life.

For those who have decided that they would like to experience the love and companionship of marriage, Chapter 2 takes a look at dispelling some of the marital myths that have left the modern Western world with such a high divorce rate. These myths are corrected in order to give you a more realistic view of marriage.

Chapter 3 continues correcting false assumptions about marriage by explaining that even finding the perfect spouse doesn't mean the two of you will live "happily ever after." This chapter explains everything that you need to know before tying the knot, including that you need to get to know yourself as an individual before being able to give yourself completely to someone else.

Once you have prepared yourself for marriage and finally taken the leap, Chapter 4 can provide you with a guide for what sorts of problems you might expect now that you are married. We cover communication issues, intimacy problems, money difficulties, religious differences, and conflict. Being prepared for these sorts of marital hiccups is one of the best tools you can have for quickly and successfully resolving them whenever they surface.

There are many reasons why people choose to get married. Chapter 5 takes a look at some of the common reasons that people give for tying the knot and explores what happens if you get married for the wrong reasons rather than for the right reasons. It offers several questions that you can ask yourself in order to find out if your reasons are good or bad.

Finally, Chapter 6 provides the reader with an overview of the concept of compatibility. Here we discuss why compatibility is so essential to a marriage, and we provide you with some important questions that you can be asking yourself in order to find out if you and your fiancé truly are compatible.

It is our sincerest hope that these six chapters offer you a new perspective on love, romance, and marriage. By acknowledging that relationships and marriages are no walk in the park, this book will provide you with the tools you need to persevere, resolve conflict, and find true happiness.

  The Benefits of Buying "Finding the One"

 "Finding the One: The Lovers' Guide For True Romance" can change your perspective on love and relationships for the better. We believe that taking the time to read this short, easily digestible ebook can be beneficial for everyone, from single people to those who are already in a serious, committed relationship. Purchasing "Finding the One: The Lovers' Guide For True Romance" can help you:  

  • Discover that loving someone else starts with loving yourself  

 Love is more than just a passing infatuation, and finding a love that is going to outlast all of the challenges that life can throw your way is no easy task. "Finding the One" explains that being able to truly love someone else starts with the individual. Before you can effectively express your feelings for another person, you need to become a strong and capable person in your own right. 

  • Find out if you should be considering marriage 

 Are you currently in a relationship with someone and starting to think about the prospect of marriage? Such an important, life-altering decision should never be made on a whim. "Finding the One" can motivate you to ask yourself the tough questions that you need to answer before popping, or saying "yes" to, the question. It's best to find out whether the two of you are truly compatible before making a lifelong commitment. 

  • Learn how marriage really works 

Marriage takes a lot more effort than most people realize. Marrying the right person will give you a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment, but not without some bumps along the way. The good news is that knowing which problems you should expect ahead of time means that you'll have an easier time resolving them when they do finally come up in your relationship.

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